Dana Scully. 


Hey Philes! Want an awesome X-Files shirt? All you have to to is participate in this contest and if we win, active members get a free shirt! So, there is no downside to this!

The winning show will be chosen based on the following point system:

  • 1 point for each new post 
  • 3 points for each new comment
  • 4 points for sharing a post (via Twitter, Facebook, Tumblr or Google+)
  • 5 points for every new member in your show’s ology
  • 30 points for having an actor from your show retweet about the contest (you must post a screenshot of the retweet in your show’s ology to get the points) *retweets from non-actors (production companies, assistants, etc.) will be reviewed and rewarded based on Ology’s discretion.
  • 100 points if an actor from your show Tweets or Facebook posts about the contest (you must post a screenshot of the tweet/post in your show’s ology to get the points)
  • 1000 points if an actor from your show posts in the ology. (This is a potential game changer to the contest! We will confirm that the actor actually posted in the ology before granting the points.)

A friend at XFN informed me that they are working on racking up those big game changing points. All that’s left is for the fans to join and help out! All you have to do is join by clicking the green follow button at the top of the page on the link I provided and use either your Facebook account or twitter account and start getting those points!

Ology did an update today and X-Files is in the lead but, the contest end on May 7th so there is still time for the other shows to catch up!


The X-Files must win!


Looking for a way to celebrate the 20th Anniversary of Mulder and Scully’s first meeting in the “Pilot”? Well then have we got a party for you! Join us on Saturday, March 10th to not only show your love for Mulder and Scully, but to show 20th Century Fox that this fandom is in it until we win…


A sneak peek into our Tumblr, Facebook and Twitter icon! The site will be up in just a couple of days!

Calgary Expo will be home to several X-Files alumni.


Mark your calendars, Calgary Philes! April 27-29.

Several X-Files alumni are making an appearance at the Calgary Expo this coming April, including Laurie Holden, Adam Baldwin, Amanda Tapping and Denise Crosby.

To check out the full list of guests and more information about the event, please click here.


All Philes out there should go follow XFN